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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Martha Medeiros - Lentamente Muore

Lentamente Muore” è una splendida poesia, forse la più bella pubblicata negli ultimi anni, scritta dalla giornalista e scrittrice brasiliana Martha Medeiros, e resa pubblica per la prima volta nel 2000 sul quotidiano Zero Hora di Porto Alegre, in Brasile. Si tratta di una vera ode alla vita, perché una vita non vissuta non fa altro che avvicinare l’uomo alla sua sconfitta, alla staticità, alla morte. Del resto, non è necessario che il cuore sia fermo per morire, si può morire ogni giorno se non si è complici e partecipi della propria vita, se tutto scorre nell’abitudine, se il tempo passa inesorabilmente e soprattutto, se non si è creativi verso la propria stessa vita.
La creatività è una dimensione spirituale che ci appartiene, è interiore a noi e attraverso di essa si accetta di vivere nella fragile provvisorietà del momento, si riesce ad apprezzare la vera arte, l’armonia, la bellezza e si scoprono cose sempre nuove andando oltre l’immutabile apparenza delle situazioni e degli avvenimenti. Ecco perché oggi voglio pubblicare questa meravigliosa poesia di Martha Medeiros, perché di fronte a questa ode alla vita non ci si può non soffermare, non si può non riflettere, e prendere atto sul fatto che.. “essere vivo richiede uno sforzo di gran lunga maggiore del semplice fatto di respirare.”. Di seguito pubblico il testo della poesia (“A Morte Devagar” è il suo titolo originale):

Lentamente muore

“Lentamente muore chi diventa schiavo dell’abitudine, ripetendo ogni giorno gli stessi percorsi,chi non cambia la marcia, chi non rischia e cambia colore dei vestiti,chi non parla a chi non conosce.

Muore lentamente chi fa della televisione il suo guru.Muore lentamente chi evita una passione,chi preferisce il nero su biancoe i puntini sulle “i”piuttosto che un insieme di emozioni,proprio quelle che fanno brillare gli occhi,quelle che fanno di uno sbadiglio un sorriso,quelle che fanno battere il cuore davanti all’errore e ai sentimenti.

Lentamente muore chi non capovolge il tavolo quando è infelice sul lavoro,chi non rischia la certezza per l’incertezza per inseguire un sogno, chi non si permette almeno una volta nella vita,di fuggire ai consigli sensati.

Lentamente muore chi non viaggia,chi non legge,chi non ascolta musica,chi non trova grazia in se stesso.

Muore lentamente chi distrugge l’amor proprio,chi non si lascia aiutare chi passa i giorni a lamentarsi della propria sfortuna o della pioggia incessante.

Lentamente muore chi abbandona un progetto prima di iniziarlo,chi non fa domande sugli argomenti che non conosce o non risponde quando gli chiedono qualcosa che conosce.

Evitiamo la morte a piccole dosi,ricordando sempre che essere vivo richiede uno sforzo di gran lunga maggiore del semplice fatto di respirare.

Soltanto l’ardente pazienzaporterà al raggiungimento di una splendida felicità.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jaap & me

Very happy I met Jaap Pees at M.O.C. 2018... we chased trying to meet in person for at least three Hi End fair editions... we succeeded, at last...

Just in case someone argues: I'm laughing for our common pal Simone Lucchetti's kidding...

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Don't know if I'm more sad or angry...

Read here...

The Ugly Duckling sings...

A one of a kind Hiraga Class A integrated amp for my wife system: aluminium modular Meccano-like chassis thanking Massimo Dalla Fontana and original printed circuit boards of La Maison de l’Audiophile I had as spares, original NOS Toshiba NPN/PNP transistors and superb transformer, modern high quality caps for 0,5 Farads capacity, Alps Blue Velvet pot and stainless steel knob... 20W Class A, so smooth. Thanking my best pal, Francesco for the nice job and Riccardo Costa for the black (nicely machined, carved and polished) plexiglas front plate.

Was it worth the hassle - time-wise and outsourcing parts - and expense? Listening to it right now too lazy to reach my studietto for premium Gotorama's musical bliss and... definitely yes: a pleasant, relaxing and relaxed sound from something my very own, only.

Humble proudness from bespoke, one-of-a-kind audio...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Silbatone at M.O.C. 2018 - when less is more...

Downsizing and bringing audio to a new level of care for details and human-sized expense to par will be next goal... this is my humble opinion and heartfelt wish.

I recently corresponded with my pal and mentor Joe Roberts and he shared some details about the next Munchen Silbatone Shrine, 2018 edition.

The choice of Joe and Silbatone's people was someway unwanted and forced by unexpected and complicate eveniences... so, let's not expect exotic WE 16A, 12, 15 or 13 large horns, but...

Chance plays a role in life and life itself choose to bring things down to earth. 

A world, a new better world where less is more.

So, here are some exclusive news, straight from JR:

"We will have 757A (great speaker, one of my favorites), TA-4165s in a small TA-7395 inspired horn baffle, and two prs. of 755A in Silbatone cabinets."

Sounds good to me...

Look forward in meeting new and old friends at Silbatone's... where music and quality counts.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sorane ZA-12 arm

A beauty of shape & function...

Check here for more details...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Gray 108 Magnesium unipivot viscous-damping arm clone

Again by Karmadon's...

From Ukraina with love!

GRAY 108 tonearm clone from magnesium alloy.

The arm is made of magnesium alloy. As is known, the most desirable audiophile option of GRAY 108 is made of magnesium.
All mounting dimensions are equivalent to the original. Arm painted with gray WRINKLE dye.
The geometrical dimensions of the arm, arm base, set screw are also 100% equivalent to the original and all made from highest quality materials.
The needle and the screw are made from 1045 steel.
The tonearm is fully equipped with everything being needed to install on the turntable as you can see it on the photos.
The tonearm is equipped with a cable (2 feet) and clips Cardas.
Also, there is an instruction for installing and correct setting.
And now available in black.
Price for such a masterpiece is a stunning USD 550 plus shipping!

Just ordered one for my (second) Lumiere DST or Denon DL102!

Karmadon 12" arm for Ukraine

A gorgeous arm is born, folks...

... an unipivot, an high-mass design by Serge Rogozyansky.

Thanking Any Moore for sharing.

Much worth exploring Serge's site, indeed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Disc of the Month - Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet (Nonesuch 2018)

Listening again to this voice, after years from Oh Superman and others seminal early Laurie's discs, made my day... for many days, now.

This 2 records-set, mastered by Bob Ludwig and masterfully played by Kronos' and composed and played as well by Laurie Anderson is a superb disc, indeed.

It's atmospheric and fresh... and the recording is smooth and detailed, unveiled and natural-sounding.

I liked it a lot!

Site of the Day - Tyko Runesson guitars from Switzerland

Today I found a fantastic luthier from Switzerland...

Check the sound of these superb instruments here and here, stunning playing both by Thomas Sonderegger.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Zoe's amp

Check and see it at next Munchen Hi End M.O.C. 2018.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


A rainy Saturday afternoon stands to music-listening as sex stands to love...

... or not?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Glenn Jones' acoustic guitar compilation

From Glenn himself...

I selected and sequenced the tracks for this double LP (or 78-minute CD) collection and wrote the accompanying liner notes. Just got my copies -- Concord / Craft did a bang-up job: top grade vinyl; heavy board gatefold cover; color minis of all the original Takoma and Vanguard LPs; six 11 X 11 pages of notes (20 pages in the CD). Two tracks have never been reissued since they came out on LP more than 40 years ago. Proud!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring 2018 yard-sale

I'm selling the following gears, well-cared for, in flawlessly working conditions... why?

Not because I don't like, actually... yet, life is changes, folks... and I love changing...

Seriously: I'm actually enjoying other gears in my system and it's time to let these fine objects go and find a new, good home.

Thomas Mayer 4-chassis transformers-coupled preamp: line-stage using 2 x 1929 N.O.S. Cunningham CX310 with power supply and Dave Slagle transformers and LCR phono-stage using 4 x Western Electric 437A and Tango LCR EQ600 with power supply. Many N.O.S. spare-tubes included. 220V only. Superb!

Garrardzilla and 4-ways crossovers not included in the offer;-)

Hiraga Le Classè A 30W Class A amps - 4 pieces available, in perfect shape, nicely sounding, superb building quality.

- Marantz 7C tube pre-amp from the '60s with six "Diamond/Smooth plate" N.O.S. Telefunken ECC-83 100 % unmodified/original, as built by Saul Marantz and Sidney Smith + wooden case + original papers - truly seldom seen 220V original!!!!!

- Marantz 10B tube-tuner, the "Rolls-Royce" of tuners from the '60s + wooden case + fully original/unmodified/serviced, perfectly working, with original papers - 117V;

- EMT 997 "Banana" 12 inches arm, N.O.S. in original wooden-box complete with ALL accessories (weights, 2 x arm-rests and papers) - EMT "diamond" mount for TSD15 cartridge - five bare-wires original;

- Ortofon RMG-309i 12 inches arm, original box and papers w/8N Ortofon blue cable;

- IVIE IE-30 Real Time Analyzer, complete in original briefcase, with class A microphone and ALL accessories, a brand-new set of genuine spare IVIE's batteries and Ivie IE-20 Pink and White noise-generator - both with original 117/220V power supplies/batteries chargers - top conditions and not comparable with any other shitty computer analyzer - the one! ;

- Bang & Olufsen CD-5500 design-friendly CD-player, Philips TDA-1541 DAC, superbly sounding;

- Radford HD-250 integrated amplifier, made in England, Partridge transformer, serviced and fully working; 

- BEYER TR/BV 351015006 MC transformer in Hammond alu box - nicely matching and sounding with EMT TSD-15 and, most of all, with Denon DL-103; 

- custom-made cartridges display/holder, dust-proof, made in plexiglas: black base and see-through clear plexiglas cover, good for 6 cartridges and headshells - elegant and useful for carts collectors - two available;  

- Nagra IV-S with QGB large-spools motor, alu flight-case, Power-supplies and accessories, cables, original Nagra's NAB and cine adapters, etc. - museum quality, perfect sounding/recording;

- 2006 vintage Thomas Schick 12" arm.

... also more goodies available - mostly speakers, all in top conditions - ( i.e. '50s Westrex 2080-A 15" woofers 16 ohm/Philips 9710 Alnico/RCA MI-9584 1,5" drivers 15 ohm + original metal theatre horns adapters/Emilar 1" 8 ohm drivers/420A Biflex 15" 8 ohm/JBL 2420 1" - high-drivers and original "sound-barrier" horn - 16 ohm/Isophon 22 cm Alnico/original N.O.S. Saba "green" mids and highs pairs and several baffles for wide-band and bass-enclosures for 15" woofers)... if the case, pls drop a line at:


Will send hi-res pixes of any item to anyone interested enough... only be (a little) patient;-)